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Bingo trivia

Bingo is a huge online phenomenon these days and with it expanding rapidly every single day it’s no surprise that there are a few little facts that most people don’t know about bingo. If you’re a bingo newbie, or if you just want to impress your bingo buddies, then here a few bingo facts to keep in mind!


• Online bingo is such a massive game these days that there are almost 2 million admissions per week, equivalent to a whopping 90 million admissions a year – and that’s only in the UK.


• Women play more bingo than men. In fact studies have shown that women spend 50% more time on average playing bingo each week than men do – although the number of men who are playing bingo is increasing each year!


• There are 1.4 million different bingo cards available to use, so you can be sure that no one will have the same card as you.


• According to research bingo is the most popular group leisure activity here in the UK, and it’s also the second favourite individual leisure activity. So whether you play with friends or play alone, there’s plenty of choice for everyone!


• Everyone can see the fun in bingo – from kids who play for sweets right through to little old ladies with blue rinses, but did you know that bingo is the only form of gambling that’s allowed to be played in the armed forces? In fact Prince William recently took time off from his military training at Sandhurst to play a few games of bingo, so it just goes to show – you don’t know who you might be playing next to!


• In fact there are plenty of celebrities out there who are well known for being lovers of bingo – Denise Van Outen, Robbie Williams and Sharon Osbourne are all celebs who have publicly shown their love for the nation’s favourite game. Not only that, but the likes of Catherine Zeta Jones have also thrown their very own bingo parties!


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