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Three Interesting People who made it Big in Gambling

Throughout history, man has always been in a position to place something of value like currency in exchange for something of greater material value. Ever since they learned how to barter, the ideal move is to get the most of a trade and by doing so, implemented the first set of rules of betting. Usually the ultimate purpose of doing this is to amass a whole lot of money with little assurance of whether you'll win or not. This uncertainty makes gambling a unique experience.


Many strategies and tips have been published but the truth is, no one can ever truly master how wagering works unless they do something drastic or in some cases very lucky indeed. They are truly blessed as if Lady Luck bestowed an inheritance on them. Below are some men and women who defied the odds literally and beat the game and made it big.


1) Eddie Nabors - This life of a simple quinquagenarian truck driver changed when he won the Mega Millions lottery on March 6, 2007. He shared the winnings with a couple. According to him, he'd be using the money to pay mortgages for his family and then buy her daughter a house. When asked what he would do with the money, he said "I'm going fishing."


2) Anthony Revell - This man sold all his belongings that amounted to $135,000 to gamble in a game of roulette at Las Vegas in Plaza Hotel and Casino. He placed all his bet on red and as luck would have it, the ball landed on Red 7. This is truly an amazing abundance of luck because he is in danger of living on the streets if he loses.


Red is said to be a lucky color according to some cultures coupled with the number seven, so this is a very fortunate coincidence indeed. The allure of free online slots to test if you can match his guts is a good training ground. There are many slot machines online that have high rewards waiting for you.




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