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Always fascinating, the casino games cover a wide range, fulfilling the most exigent casinators demand. From the ancient times people use to gamble. This is why many various types of games were developed. Usualy, casino games are categorized in accordance with the logistic involved.

Casino Games

First, casino games are divided in two categories: Table games and Non Table games. Quite obvious, table games require a table to be played, while non table games don't. Table games represents the majority of the casino games. Both table and non table casino games are games of luck, but many of them also involve deep knwledge and special skills. There is a big difference betwen gamblers and casinators. Gamblers use to gamble, hoping that luck will be on their side. On the other side, casinators are players who know what they are doing, relying mostly on their skills.


The most common table games types are:


Card Games - Games that requires playing cards (Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino war, Carribean Stud, Poker, etc)


Dice games - Games that use dice (Craps, Pai Gow)


Random numbers - Players shoud gues the next number to come (Roulette)


Most notorious non table games are:


Gaming Machines - Played through a video console (Video poker, Slots)


Random numbers - Players shoud gues a series of numbers to come (Bingo, Keno)


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