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Poker Strategy

Poker is a game of skill and luck. Being lucky is enough to win at poker, but there is nothing to do about luck: you have it or not. Usually, on the long run, luck shouldn't be the decisive factor, because sometimes it's on your side while other times turns against you. Good poker players don't rely on luck. They know that a skilled player will win on the long run.


The most popular poker game is Texas Hold'em. It is widely played in casinos and online. Below you will find some useful strategic advices for online texas hold'em.


Money management is one of the most important things a player should consider before joining a poker table. Sitting with all your bankroll at a table can be pure suicide. We recommend using a maximum of 10% of your bankroll at a time. If you have a $200 bankroll you shouldn't play with more than $20 at a table.


Regarding the playing style, we consider tight aggressive poker to be the best. That means playing with a small selection of hands (only the strongest) very aggressively. Folding your trash cards will help you avoid big losses.


Bluffing is another essential aspect of poker. Many novice players tend to bluff too often and think that a good player is a good bluffer. Bluffing can help you sometimes, but you should stay away from it unless you have excellent poker skills and you can read your opponents.


The psychological part of the game is also very important. A good poker player will control his emotions and will play each hand with calm. Don't try to avenge on players who attack your blinds or call suspicious raises with trash just to find out if your opponents are bluffing you. Avoid going on tilt, or you'll end up losing big money and always blaming on luck.

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