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Craps is a game of luck, so no playing strategy applies. Same as in the case of roulette and baccarat, the only strategy that applies is a betting scheme.


The craps betting schemes cannot eliminate the small house edge, but can give the player more chances to win. We will present the most popular betting strategies among craps players.


Martingale betting schemes are betting strategies based on the Martingale theories. The player doubles the bet after each loss (for even bets) until the first win. This way all the losing bets are covered and the initial stake is won. Martingale systems give a huge winning probability, but the winnings are usually small.


The Iron Cross is a betting strategy for craps that gives the player good winning chances. The Iron Cross consists of a field bet combined with three place bets (on 5, 6 and 8). This strategy will win on any roll that is not seven, so it will work most of the times.


Superstition betting is also very common among many craps gamblers. They are betting on lucky numbers or based on their intuition. Some gamblers prefer to bet on the numbers that brought them consistent winnings in the past. This is definitely not strategic betting, but can be very exciting and entertaining.


Free Odds Betting Strategy consists in betting only on pass / don't pass and come / don't come. These are the bets with the best odds in a casino, offering a house edge of only 0.47%. This strategy is the best craps strategy in terms of mathematical probabilities, but can be pretty boring. Reducing house edge to such a small level is something great for the gambler, and this is why the strategy is called "Free Odds".

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