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Roulette has fascinated people over centuries. Many reputable scientists as mathematicians, engineers or statisticians have tried to overcome the small roulette house edge and create a winning strategy. Since roulette is not a skill game the only way strategies that apply here are the betting strategies.


The first thing a roulette player should know is that the house edge cannot be eliminated. There will always be 2.7% house edge for European roulette and 5.26% for double zero roulette (American roulette).


Many players believe that betting on patterns will bring them advantage against the house. There's nothing more false! Even if red has come 5 times in a row, the chances of hitting black are still 48.64% (European roulette) or 47.37% (American roulette).


As said before, only betting strategies can affect the winning chances of the player. Below are some popular betting schemes:


Martingale is the most famous betting strategy and many other schemes evolved from it. It's very easy and can be very efficient. The player must double his bet every time he loses an even bet. At the first win, all the losses are covered and the initial stake is won.


D'Alembert strategy assumes an increasing progressive bet on the winning streaks and a decreasing one on the losing streaks. This way the player can make good profits on a winning streak and reduce losses on long losing streaks.


Labouchere strategy is a Martingale based strategy. The player set up a line of numbers (the sum of the numbers represents the winning target). Then he bets the sum of the first and the last number. If he wins, the two numbers are removed from the line, continuing betting the same way with a shorter line. When he loses, the bet is added at the end of the line and the procedure continues with the longer line.

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